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Karachi’s small traders announce strike call for July 13

July 11, 2019

KARACHI: The “All Karachi Tajir Ittehad”, an alliance of small traders, has announced a strike call for July 13 against government’s economic policies.

The announcement about the strike call came after a meeting between the traders and Prime Minister Imran Khan and his economic team remained inclusive and fruitless after the government refused to relent on tough economic measures including the 17 per cent value-added tax and the demand for the restoration of the old system of zero tax rate facility for five textile export sectors.

Traders association leader Atiq Mir lashed at Prime Minister Khan for not meeting the small traders, which, he said was an affront to them. He said that the prime minister failed to explain the contentious sections of the already passed federal budget.

Mir said that international lenders were now virtually calling the shot in Pakistan. He appealed to the small traders to exhibit unity in their rank and file and make the strike a success by shutting shutters of their shops. He said that their protest against the unjust tax system will continue unless the government withdrew the new taxes.

Meanwhile, the Naanbai Association Peshawar are observing a strike on Thursday (today), demanding new rates for tandoori roti and naan. The Naanbais said that they were getting the flour sack with an increased price of Rs600 per sack but they were not being allowed to increase the price of naan and roti.

The Naanbais said that the government has already increased prices of gas and electricity. The Naanbais are demanding an increase of Rs2 per naan, however, the provincial government has refused to entertain their demand.  The Naanbais claimed that the provincial earlier assured them of issuing a notification of new naan price, but it has backtracked from the promise.